What You Should Know About Pine Oil

What You Should Know About Pine Oil

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Where it comes from:

Pine Oil is made by using steam distillation on pine trees which are also commonly known as the traditional Christmas Tree. The oil can be derived from the pines needles, stumps, twigs, and cones and provide various benefits when used medicinally, cosmetically, or for its strong, dry, outdoorsy fragrance.

What Benefits it Provides:

Using oils provided by pine can help improve moods by providing uplifting, clarifying, and stimulating benefits. This scent is known for energizing individuals and removing stress, leaving the individual with an alert clear state of mind with a positive outlook.

Pine Oil has antimicrobial properties that can be used to cleanse surfaces and remove dirt. Thus, cleaning solutions that contain Pine Oil can be beneficial when cleaning different surfaces. 


Cleaning Solutions with Pine Oil

That Pine Clean Floor Soap

This all-purpose cleaner leaves any surface with a fresh pine scent, with purely natural sources of pine oil. This neutral pH general cleaning and deodorizing solution for floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens areas.

Solutions Plus Pine cleaner Newmarket Ontario

Dustban Pinosan Germicidal Cleaner

This disinfectant is used for powerful cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting purposes. Dustban's natural quat formula is perfect for killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses while leaving a pleasant scent.

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Alpine Sanitizer

Alpine sanitizer is a floor plant approved pine oil-based cleaner. This powerful cleaner destroys odours and is safe to use on all surfaces not affected by water. This product is both suited for general cleaning or heavy-duty areas. With a long-lasting pine smell, this product is an efficient deodorizer.

Solutions Plus Pine Cleaner Newmarket Ontario


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