What does Botanical Mean? Should I Be Using Botanical Products?

What does Botanical Mean?

When a product is labeled as botanical it means that the ingredients are derived from plants.


Why use Botanical Products?

Keep your home safe

Non botanical cleaning products have the largest impact on pets and children due to their small sizes. Botanical cleaning products are safer to use in areas around children and when there is a higher chance of the product being swallowed. With children, there is always a chance that the cleaning products you’re using could end up on their hands and then swallowed. From touching recently cleaned surfaces to simply inhaling any cleaning products it is beneficial to have a botanical solution.

Hypo Allergenic 

Botanical products are created using products that do not cause allergic reactions or skin reactions. By failing to include harsh products such as chlorine and bleach botanical solutions can provide safety benefits to a large variety of people.

Clean-Up Your Indoor Air

Using non botanical cleaning products contribute to the pollutions in your air and can result in higher air pollution indoors than outdoors. These pollutants are linked to various health problems after long term use.

Help The Environment

Lastly, botanical products are often made using sustainable practices that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Therefore, by using botanical cleaning products you’re contributing to a cleaner earth.

Products We Recommend

At Solutions Plus Outlet, we carry various botanical products that are easy to use. Such as Benefect Decon 30, this product kills 99.99% of germs in 30 seconds. This product is perfect for families who are looking for a safer disinfectant. 

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