The Solution for Dirty Mechanic Hands in Newmarket

The Solution for Dirty Mechanic Hands

Are you sick of having grease and oils on your hands from work? or sick seeing your significant other with dirty hands that never seem to be clean?

Using a hand cleaner that contains eco friendly ingredients such as walnut shells that help remove dirt from hard to reach areas such as around the nail and creases. 

Hand cleaner for mechanics in Newmarket Ontario


At Solution Plus we sell a variety of tough hand cleaners that contain natural elements to help remove the toughest stains. Our Nutty Grit hand cleaner is a heavy-duty soap that is soy-based and environmentally friendly. Its solution contains emollients to keep your skin soft without clogging your drain. It contains finely ground walnut shells to work into your skin's pores and remove dirt from below the surface, leaving hands clean and soft. This hand cleaner won't clog drains or pipes, or collect at the bottom of septic systems. 

Nutty Grit Newmarket Ontario hand cleaner for mechanics


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