Hand Sanitizer or Soap and Water?

Hand sanitizer is an effective solution to help kill germs that cause sickness. Hand sanitizers containing 70% + alcohol kills 99.999% of bacteria from hands within a minute. When choosing a hand sanitizer, it is important to look at the alcohol percentage as solutions with less than 60% alcohol are not effective for removing germs. Individuals should also look out for harmful ingredients such as Triclosan which has been linked to various potential negative side effects.

 At Solutions Plus we carry two types of hand sanitizers. 

1st Response Hand Sanitizer has a 70% alcohol content. This solution is quick drying and contains Vitamin E and Aloe.

1st response hand sanitizer Newmarket

We also sell Sanatouch has 70% alcohol and is our employees favourite. This alternative dries a little slower than 1st response, however, has vitamin E and natural moisturizers that leave your hands hydrated. 

However, hand sanitizer is only effective when there is no soils or dirt visible on your hands. Therefore, in situations where you have organic matter on your hands  hand washing would be more effective over sanitizing. Washing your hands is an easy and effective way to kill germs and prevent there spread. When washing your hands, you should use clean running water and scrub your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

If you're looking for soap check out our antibacterial soaps