These represent a few samples of our many products.

Solutions Plus Inc.
Solutions Plus Inc.

That Orange Cleaner
Cleaner, degreaser, and deodorizer. Cuts grease easily 50:1 concentrate. Many uses in all industries


That Floor Finish
High gloss up to 21% polyurethane, durable, low mainenance

Hand Soaps
Large selection from "pacesetter" to industrial strength "Grime Eater"

That Floor Stripper
Non-ammoniated odorless floor finish remover

Garbage Bags
Full range of standard sizes, Strong and Extra Strong

P.O.W. by Vision
Bowl cleaner, deodorizes, disinfects and cleans toilets and urinals. Exceptionally good against local hard water marks in toilet bowls

That Bathroom Cleaner
Hard water which leaves our tubs, toilets and sinks with a yellowish orange slime that is hard to remove. This removes those stains like no other product. Can be used on fountains, toilets, shower tiles, sinks, urinals and bathtubs

Choose from over 1200 products
                Garbage Bags
            Automotive Cleaners
               Carpet Cleaners
             Computer Cleaning
              Window Cleaners
                   Dust Mops
              Floor Maintenance
              Furniture Polish
              Hand Soaps
             Kitchen Cleaners
               Laundry Soaps
            Washroom Cleaners
                  Wet Mops
            & Much Much More    

Carpet Detergent
Wide range of products from steam cleaning, low foam and non-resoiling residue. To carpet and upholstery high foaming, rotary scrub detergent. Spot and stain remover

That Blue Cleaner
9:1 Concentrate Window/Glass Cleaner Non-filming, Cuts Grease & Oil